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Rampley Wills 1512-1849

All wills are from the UK unless otherwise mentioned. To view online versions of the wills, use the links to the right. To download, use the links below.

Downloads (Zipped Word Files)

Name Place Written Proved Source Download
Richard Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1512 1513 W-l-W
William Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1548 1557 SRO
Richard Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1558 1559 PRO
Alice Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1581 1585 SRO
Richard Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1584 1585 SRO
John Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1585 1585 SRO
Katherine Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1587 1587 SRO
Regnolde Ramplie Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1589 1590 SRO & NCC
Richard Ramply Fakenham Magna, Suffolk 1600 1600 SRO
William Rample Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk 1602 1603 SRO
John Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1613 1613 SRO
Thomas Rampley Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1648 1649 SRO
William Rampley Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk 1662 1662 SRO
John Rampley Tostock, Suffolk 1667 1667 SRO
Richard Ramplye Garboldisham, Norfolk 1759 1760 NCC
Thomas Rampley Norwich, Norfolk 1770 1772 ANW
James Rampley Harford County, MD, USA 1812 1817 MJN
Sarah Rampley Thurston, Suffolk 1813 1821 PRO
Samuel Rampley Stanton, Suffolk 1814 1820 SRO
James Rampley Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 1823 1827 PRO
John Rampley Woodham, Chertsey, Surrey 1823 1835 PRO
William Rampley Blofield, Norfolk 1828 1832 NCC
John Rampley Stanningfield, Suffolk 1835 1835 SRO
Elizabeth Rampley Moulton St Mary, Norfolk 1849 1850 ANW

The wills contain notes on unusual words. For more definitions have a look at the glossary.

Notes on "Source":

  • W-le-W: thanks to Audrey McLaughlin of Walsham-le-Willows for providing the original transcript on which this file is based
  • MJN: an unedited copy taken from Michael John Neill's website
  • SRO: Suffolk Record Office; transcripts by me
  • PRO: Public Records Office, original available online; transcripts by me
  • NCC: Norwich Consistory Court, records held at the Norfolk Record Office, transcripts by me
  • ANW: Archdeaconaries of Norwich and of Norfolk, records held at the Norfolk Record Office, transcripts by me

The transcripts by me are mostly semi-diplomatic transcripts, so the original spellings are used, but they are quite easy to understand. I have added explanatory notes in the Word versions.

Reading Wills

Before about 1500, most wills are written in Latin (or occasionally French), so although I have two Rampley wills from the fifteenth century, I can't do anything with them, because I don't speak Latin! In fact, even once they had switched to using English for wills, the probate continued to be written in Latin until the eighteenth century. I have not included these Latin probates on the web pages on this site, but the Word versions you can download do have my best guess of what they say.

Handwriting can also present problems if you're not used to the old secretary hand (used roughly in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries). If you're interested in working it out, I recommend the free online course from the University of Cambridge. It takes a while since there are 28 lessons, but it works - that's how I learnt!

Finding Wills

Note a that if you are trying to track down Suffolk wills you have to look in several places:

  • for the Archdeacon of Sudbury’s court, the records are held at the Bury St Edmunds branch of the Suffolk Record Office;
  • for the Consistory (Bishop's) Court, the records are held at the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich (since Suffolk is in the Diocese of Norfolk);
  • for the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), the wills are at the Public Records Office (PRO) in Kew, also consultable at the Family Records Centre, London, as well as online;
  • for the Prerogative Court of York (PTC), the wills are at the Borthwick Institute
  • for wills proved since 11 January 1858, they are held at the Principal Probate Registry (nothing useful online yet)


1512 - Richard
1548 - William
1558 - Richard
1581 - Alice
1584 - Richard
1585 - John
1587 - Katherine
1589 - Regnolde
1600 - Richard
1602 - William
1613 - John
1648 - Thomas
1662 - William
1667 - John
1759 - Richard
1770 - Thomas
*1812 - James
1813 - Sarah
1814 - Samuel
1823 - James
1823 - John
1828 - William
1835 - John
1849 - Elizabeth


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